Hoof Care - "About 2 years ago, I purchased a Halflinger pony named Peaches. Peaches didn’t necessarily have any glaring hoof problems, but she did have a few issues nonetheless.

First of all, Peaches was simply difficult to trim. Her short, thick limbs made it painful for her when a farrier would pull her foot out to one side and hold it between his knees. Peaches would baulk and rear and generally misbehave trying to avoid the pain. Katie kneels down to trim so that my pony’s knees aren’t twisted outward into that painful position. Peaches still sometimes expects pain and tries to act out, but Katie is patient and fair and succinct with her discipline. Ultimately, Peaches will calm down and allow Katie to continue.

Secondly, Peaches was very tender footed when I first got her. She absolutely DREADED any path, trail, or terrain that even appeared to have rocks on it. She would skirt the trail dragging me under limbs and up against trees trying to avoid those painful, awful rocks. I even went so far as to purchase expensive boots for her so she could relax and enjoy our trail riding. Now, after almost 2 years of regular natural trims by Katie, Peaches is no longer tender footed. I will still boot her if we are going to ride really rocky trails to protect her hooves, but at least now, she can ride normal trail footing without chronic pain or discomfort.

Another thing I’ve noticed with ALL my horses since Katie began trimming them is their hooves’ ability to self clean! I used to have a terrible problem with chronic thrush in all my equines due to mud and debris staying packed up in the hoof grooves. But now, even through an abnormally wet winter, none of my horses have thrush! My horses hooves also no longer seem to grow out as quickly, and their hooves don’t crack, chip, or break off like before. Overall, the total health of their hooves is greatly improved.

After owning and enjoying horses for over 49 years, I wish I had had access to someone like Katie all along. So much time, grief, and expense could have been spared with this type of barefoot trimming technique. Thank God we have it now, and Thank you, Katie, for being our Equine Hoof Specialist!"

Melinda McMillion, Peaches' Mom
April 21, 2016


Eagala Leadership Coaching Session - "I need to step up and say thank you. Personally unsure of myself and a skeptic about life coaching and especially with horses! I decided what can I loose. Lost being a skeptic and found incredible insights into how I form friendships. I am more comfortable one on one. My session included three horses. Naturally I gravitated to one. At the end, Katie asked some difficult but thought provoking questions. How did your interaction parallel your interaction with the people in your life? Did you feel......the concept of left out arose. Yes I did walk away with a better understanding of myself, my behavior in social situations and how to rework my thoughts. And a second yes, I am more comfortable with people. Actually I better say thank you to the horses!"


Cornelius, NC



Equine Reiki Session - "I wasn't sure what to expect from a Reiki session, but I will definitely be doing it again for my horse! Twister surprised me with his reaction, which was to stand completely still for almost 30 minutes and just soak it all in. He was so relaxed that his head would drop from to time and his eyes would close.

When Katie went all around his body and finished at his head, he seemed to sense it was over and calmly walked over to me and just stood there as if to say thank you. That was the best part for me! It brought tears to my eyes because it made me feel like we were truly connected. He stood with me for several minutes, letting me rub his ears and face.

Thank you, Katie, for being an awesome farrier and a true horsewoman!"

Jill McCarthy, Twister's Mom
June 10, 2014



Eagala Session - "I  had the privilege of visiting these ladies and their animals today. I was given a demonstration of what their services offer. It took me back! I was more emotional than I thought and walked away feeling WOWed! 

I recommend this to everyone! From corporate team building to depression to Autism and beyond - this will help in ALL aspects of you and your loved ones life. Give them a call today. They WILL help!"

Dawn Chavis

Charlotte Parent Magazine