Welcome to My Passionate Work! 

Katie Stankiewicz, CPC

Hoof Care Practitioner

Eagala Advanced Certified - Equine Specialist & Mentor

Certified Leadership  & SMA Coach

ELi - Master Practitioner


I have always had a deep connection to horses. I started riding when I was very young and truly fell in love with these magnificent animals. There is an inner peace, that enters a person's soul, when surrounded by these animals that goes beyond mere words. Horses have an amazing ability to detect people's authentic emotions thus their reactions are founded upon interactions.
In 2010, I started  Mind, Body & Sole Equine Care, Inc which focuses on horse and human wellness. I am a certified hoof care practitioner,  using the "Whole Horse" Approach to hoof care. Every horse and every situation is different. I strive to handle each horse, no matter the size or condition, with the utmost care and respect. I work at the horse's pace and will work through a challenge no matter how long it takes. My goal is to enable horses to move with pain-free ease and as naturally as possible. Without a healthy hoof there is no horse! 

I am an EasyCare Hoof Boot dealer. I attend the monthly farrier meetings that are held at Davie County Large Animal Hospital with Dr. Jim Meeker in Mocksville as well as the quarterly farrier meetings at Large Animal Medicine & Surgery with Dr. Gardner in Salisbury, NC.

To meet the needs of my human clients, I  am an Advanced Certified Equine Specialist in the Eagala model of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development (EAPD).

Willow Equine (WE) is my Eagala program which offers equine assisted psychotherapy, team building and business development sessions at our barn in Mooresville, NC. Our mission is provide a non-judgemental space for personal healing and growth. WE work with individuals to transform their challenges into authentic successes with the aid of our horses!
WE offer an unconventional approach to traditional talk therapy and team building adventures. Clients develop authenticity and empowerment, proven to be the most powerful approach to helping clients achieve and sustain personal growth!

In conjunction with my role as an Equine Specialist for Willow Equine,  I  am a mentor for Eagala,  developing clinical excellence in Eagala model practitioners. As a certified Leadership coach, through iPEC,  I am a master practitioner of the  Energy Leadership Index, which was on Forbes Top 10 List of Must Have Coaching Tools! I am also a Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach, which aligns my client's spiritual and financial success!
Prior to Mind, Body & Sole Equine, I worked in the motorsports industry. I grew up in a racing family in Massachusetts and relocated to North Carolina in 2002. From 2005 through 2012, I worked at JR Motorsports as the shock and spring specialist. I traveled with the road crew in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, working with well-known drivers as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Brad Keselowski, Jamie McMurray, Aric Almirola and more! I was blessed to have a wonderful fulfilling career in racing, but left that adrenaline filled world to focus on my true calling “-  working with people and horses. While my work has always revolved around horsepower, now I get to do more than win races; I help people win in life!
When I am not with horses, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, dogs and my horses (of course)!