The Whole Body Approach to Balanced Hoof Care

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The 4 Key Functions of the Equine Hoof:
1. Protection & Traction
2. Shock Absorption
3. Heart-Supporting Circulatory Pump
4. Temperature Insulation


The equine hoof is a complex organ that performs a variety of key functions that are VITAL to the horse's overall health and survival (see above). It is imperative that hooves are taken care of and kept in ideal condition.

Hoof Mechanics is the natural flexing & contracting of the hoof as it loads & unloads during the natural flight process. It is hoof mechanics that allows for optimal blood circulation & shock absorption.

A balanced trim is imperative for horses to perform at their best. After evaluating the horse using the Whole Horse Approach, I work to identify any insults THEN hooves are trimmed. Trimming is based off the naturally shaped hooves of the horse as dictated by the coronet band (hair line). Each hoof is trimmed according to its own unique size, shape and proportion. Keeping the hooves trimmed and balanced with short toes eases break-over, reduces joint stresses and enables proper hoof mechanics to take place.

Unlike shoeing, natural trimming enables a horse to truly feel the ground under their feet, allows for proper blood circulation and adequate shock absorption. It helps to prevent and can work to correct cracks, laminitis, founder, and unknown lameness issues.  The base of any shoe job, whether glue on, booted or nailed, is that correctly balanced hoof. 

Natural Hoof Care aims to keep hooves (and horses) surefooted, healthy and without injury!


Diesel, an 18 hand Clydesdale, is a gentle giant!

At the time of Diesel's purchase, at the Dixie Auction in Troutman, NC in November 2015, he was shoed all the way around with HUGE, HEAVY shoes. His feet were terribly cracked.

He now enjoys a life of leisure and trail rides moving soundly and barefoot!

From the largest to now the smallest ... Buttons, an 8 hand Miniature Horse, may be small but is defiantly sassy!

Enjoying her farm family in Charlotte, NC, Buttons loves being with her girls and has a vast shoe collection from Build-A-Bear!

MBS Service Fees:

Your equine's health is the most important thing to me. I ask that you try to stay on a regular trimming schedule (4-6 weeks). Please take into consideration my recommended schedule, which is based off your equine's hoof growth rate and their necessary requirements.

Trimming of Horses & Donkeys - $45.00 per Horse*

Trimming of Draft Horses - $55.00 per Draft*

2 Shoes Removal & Trim - $60.00 per Horse*

4 Shoes Removal & Trim - $80.00 per Horse*

Consultation Prices Vary

There is a Barn Fee that will also be applied to all appointments. Please call and we can calculate the trip fee.

* Corrective Trimming may have an additional charge. 


Payment is due when service is rendered. Payments can be made by cash or check. Please make checks out to Mind, Body & Sole Equine Care. There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

Please call me if you need to cancel your scheduled appointment at least 24 hrs ahead of time. It is very important for your equine's health that a strict trimming schedule be maintained all year long. Keep in mind each horse is different so time frames may vary for each horse. It is ultimately your choice when to have your horse's hooves trimmed. 

I ask that you inform me of your equine's past health and hoof history. Hooves are the repositories for any imbalance within the body as well as unnatural locomotion forces. I also ask that you inform me of any issues your equine's may possess. It is imperative that I know any personality/ behavioral issues in hopes of enabling everyone's safety. I am more than happy to work with you and your horse to enable everyone's safety. I will work with any equine and attempt to trim their feet, however I do not want to see anyone get hurt. Communication is key in our working relationship.