Can any horse be barefoot?


Clients develop authenticity, empowerment and collaboration while learning about themselves and others. Activities, with the horses, foster development of thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns of behaviors.

Our 40 acre farm is the client's storyboard. This allows all experiences to become a metaphor of their story, giving time for reflection and as a determinant for change. This provides metaphorical learning as everything done with the horses relates to real life. Read More


Is coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching is NOT therapy. Counseling aims to heal mental / psychological issues. It usually centers around diagnosing a "problem" that needs to be addressed. Coaching shifts the focus from “why” to “how.” Coaching is results-oriented, maintaining a focus on the current situation and actively developing plans for the FUTURE.  

Coaching is NOT consulting! Business consultants typically use their specific knowledge and prescribe a course of action to achieve an objective. Coaching is about asking the right questions! Clients become empowered to create their own customized and personal solutions and become the drivers of their own success.

Horses can be associated with their work ethic, assertiveness, communication and size. They are also social animals with defined roles and vast personalities. All these attributes allow for copious opportunities for metaphors. My horses do the work for effective growth in the client's lives; they break down barriers.

It is about the client/horse relationship that makes this work conscious and most effective. Working with horses on the ground  is the most respectful approach; they are able to make their own choices just like the clients. Plus it is empowering to work with and move a 1000+ pound animal! Watch a vimeo on Why Horses?

Why work with horses on the ground?

Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone ... Experience True Authentic Energy

What will I experience during my Eagala session?

What is Eagala? 


This is a loaded question! In my opinion, no, not all horses can go barefoot. Environment and dietary conditions as well as breeding has altered the original structure, which was once create to be barefoot. Most horses, who were shod, transition well, however there is no way to know how the horse will transition or how long it will take. Each horse / hoof is unique. I recommend that clients stay on a 4-6 week schedule. Growth rate may increases in the spring and summer and decreases in the fall and winter. After the first few trims, we are able to establish your horse's growth rate and we will move forward from there adjusting as needed. Read More


I have several styles and sizes of Easy Care Boots in stock. If I don't have them, I can order them. You can either have your farrier measure a freshly trimmed hoof OR I can come out.  I come to your barn, measure the width and length and then use my Fit Kit to identify the properly fitted boot size.

As long as your boots are properly fitted, they should NOT fall off or rub. I have used the Gloves, Trails and Back Countries in all terrain without any issues. There is a money back guarantee.

Visit their website - EasyCare Inc.


The Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association (Eagala) is the global standard for equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and equine assisted learning (EAL). The Eagala Model is a distinctive experiential framework designed to allow clients the latitude to discover, learn, and grow from the horse-human relationship. It offers a highly professional team approach between the horses, a licensed mental health professional and an equine specialist. The Eagala Model is client-centered and solution-oriented and all sessions are ground based (no riding). Watch a vimeo on the client centered focus.